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Baureihe XMS

New products in Line XMS for autumn 2015

Line XMS from item meets all the requirements of modular series production. Thanks to its innovative profiles with integrated cable conduits, XMS can be used to build extremely functional enclosures. What’s more, Profiles XMS feature a specially designed groove for fitting all-round seals. As a result, production can be kept clean and quiet behind tightly sealed doors.

Double Door Stop Set 8

Thanks to Double Door Stop Set 8, generous double doors can now be built without having to incorporate inconvenient centre posts. The innovative mechanism ensures that the passive door is automatically held in place when the active door is closed. One lock is all that is needed to hold both doors securely in place.

Profiles X 8 45° – XMS

All the advantages of Line XMS – but with a 45° angle! Profile X 8 80-45° K56 – XMS is exceptionally sturdy, with plenty of space in the large, two-part cable conduit. It is ideal as a supporting profile when installing heavy-duty doors in an eight-sided frame.

Profile X 8 90° – XMS

All the key features of Line XMS – but with a gentle, rounded external contour. Profile X 8 40 R80-90° K15 - XMS features an integrated cable conduit and specially designed corner grooves that accommodate a Door Lip Seal for cleanly sealing enclosures.


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