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One for all - the first fastener that's fun to fix.

Can one person reconfigure frames in a matter of seconds? No problem – thanks to the item D30 Fastener, which can be individually repositioned at joints.

The advantages of the Fastener at a glance:

  1. One Fastener for all connections, individually repositionable.

  2. Simple clamping technology for rapid reconfiguration, disassembly and extension.

  3. When used with Tube Adapters, they can connect together profiles at any angle.

  4. Stable connections you can rely on. No settlement in the Fastener thanks to the high-quality material (die-cast aluminium).

  5. Excellent stability under dynamic loads (saves on maintenance costs).

  6. And, in case you've backed the wrong horse, connections can also be made to D28 tubes.

Example Applications

Easy to assemble, easy to convert – self-explanatory functional elements can be configured and reconfigured rapidly to suit changing requirements.


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